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Cats are the best! Their squishy body is purrfect for a hug!

Whenever you’re stressed out at home, you can always count on your cat to be your stress reliever.

But what if you’re busy at work.

If you’re lucky enough to work at a place that allows cats, then congrats! You’re the envy of all cat-lovers around the world!

For those of you who aren’t that lucky, don’t be sad. This 3D Cute Squishy Cat iPhone Case is the next best thing!

You won’t be able to resist squeezing that squishy belly!

One taste of that plump consistency, and you’ll wonder how you ever survived a day of work without it!

You’ll be immediately reminded of the sensation of having your cute cat in your arms!

This phone case is not just useful as a stress-reliever—it’s also very durable and will protect your phone like a champ!

You know what happens when a cat jumps down from a high place? Their squishy paws protect them and allow them to land safely.

That’s precisely what this squishy cell phone case will do for your precious phone!

  • Compatible iPhone Model: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus
  • Help The World: We give 10% of every purchase to orphan children in Africa.(savethechildren.org)

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